Haus der Lose / House of Lots

House of Lots

Exhibition with Visconti Studio (Kinky Muppet Recording Session), Kingston University




The European Union is in trouble. Former members are leaving it and inside singular nations are not willing anymore to see the bigger picture, but want to take national decisions on their own against the common developement of a transnational project. The European Council seems to be more and more the institution, which is working against the integration of all the different countries to a unified Europe, which is able to find collective answers to the problems the world is facing nowadays. Right Populism is spreading fear and the parties using it’s methods are harvesting votes for it. If the people are voting at all, because the last turnout of voters for the European Parliament in 2014 was 43%.

It is not possible on the base of nations, which are just looking for the benefit of their own (or the benefit of the oligarchy in their countries) to be able to deal with cruzial topics like migration, the climate change and environmental pollution, the challenges of digitalisation and the changing working environment with artificial intelligence or to play a role in global politics.

There is the urgent need to come up with solutions for the whole european continent and in the continuation for the whole planet, like Buckminster Fuller called it our spaceship earth.

The European Union is an unique concept which started as a peace project after 2 horrible world wars and this reason needs to be remembered. We had a long periode of time in peace on our continent, so at least this important aspect seems to work.

With all the national right wing partys rising in Europe now, which have the intention to rebuilt the national structures for their needs (and they do it quick, perfectly to observe here in austria) I think it is even more important to remember this very crucial idea of this optional association of very different but through a deep respect of the different culture of the other and a comittment to the human rights minted continent.